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Here is another issue of the Aussie Wines Newsletter where we share the latest news and tips about Aussie wines, our Aussie culture and to keep you up-to-date with happenings on our Website.

Golfing Hazards.

We had a couple of days holiday and went down to the South Coast of New South Wales for rest, relaxation and some golf. We thought you may be interested in a couple of shots of the 5th hole. See the obstacles we have to dodge on some of our Golf courses? Incidentally, these hazards are not in the rule book!

Golf hazards not in the rule book.

Wine News & Tips

Growth In The Millenials
This group is the roughly 70 million Americans between ages 21 to 28 who look at wines that catch their attention. The same survey found they are not as sophisticated as the generation before them, they are more into experimentation, taking advantage of the wider variety of wines available at lower prices. Catchy names, cute labels and price are the motivators.

Good thing these guys have stomachs made of cast iron. Most of us over 40 prefer a smoother enjoyment of food and wine.

Girls & Boys
Survey findings indicated that men, when with male friends, generally drink beer while women tend to drink wine with their female friends. Men however drink wine when they are around women. One male respondent said “Any time women are around, wine is a good choice”.

Deep Palate
A recommended read is a piece by Paul Gregutt for the Seattle Times. Very interesting article about what a wine Seller thinks of the wines she carries. The story can be found in this Seattle Times Article.

The Unusual Fruit
Most fruits produce large quantities of citric acid but grapes don’t. Grapes produce high levels of tartaric acid, which is the only natural source. This acid is essential for fermentation and further quantities are usually added to aid the process, which then produces lactic acid. Lactic acid is the one that makes your muscles burn when you exercise and which gives white wine crispness and red wine it's dryness. As wine ages, the acids soften.

Grape Glut
This is going to be a very interesting year. Everyone’s heard about the oversupply and from what we have seen and heard, there is an awful lot of fairly ordinary grape juice already slurping around in stainless steel vats. The great wine paradox is good wine sells itself, bad wine has to be gotten rid of. Careful out there, cheap is going to be mainly terrible. Maybe 20% only is going to be okay, but you might have to waste a lot of $10 buys before you find it.

A Whiff of Aussie Shiraz
It's no secret that we Aussies love our Shiraz. Can't get enough of the stuff. Next time you taste Shiraz, give your glass a good swirl to unleash the aromas; Berries Spice Oak Eucalyptus Chocolate. Check out Red Wine Styles or the Wine Basics section of our website for all the info you need, to recognise a good Aussie Shiraz. Plus other Australian red wine styles.

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