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Chardonnay (pron. shar-don-ay)

The world's most famous white wine grape, Chardonnay is an international superstar varietal. Australian Chardonnay wine is a particular favorite and in fact, in some countries people think Chardonnay is Australian for white wine!

This classic grape variety first came to Australia in the late 1920s but it wasn’t until the 1970s that it became the most widely planted variety in the country. You will discover Australian Chardonnay to be consistently well made, often with a hint of vanilla/oak flavors imparted by oak barrels during fermentation to produce complex, full flavored white wines.

Because Chardonnay grapes adapt to so many different regions, it’s variety is capable of developing many different styles. In cooler regions, Australian Chardonnay exhibits a delicate texture with crisp flavors of lime/citrus, green apples and hints of pineapple. In warmer regions, it can have a silky and luxurious mouth-feel with lush flavors of tropical fruit, ripe melons and peaches. When the wine is fermented in oak barrels, these characters may be combined with vanilla, buttery, toasty and nutty elements.

Chardonnay berries are relatively small, thin-skinned, fragile, and oxidize easily. This makes chardonnay grapes somewhat more sensitive to winemaking techniques and more difficult to handle from harvest to bottling than most other grape types.

Australian Chardonnay wine is usually served chilled and matches very well with chicken and with dishes that are served with a lot of butter or a cream sauce  With so many different styles of Australian Chardonnay to choose from, we're sure there are several that will please you!

Check out our Wine and Food Pairing Suggestions to see the best choice for your Australian Chardonnay.



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